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VR Sensor Output Viewer (P32) - The EASIEST way to begin with positional tracking

VR Sensor Output Viewer (P32)

  • A simple solution to provide positional tracking output in a viewable manner to allow for understanding and design in VR space.


    • Pre-loaded with VR sampling firmware
    • Includes easy-to-use UI
    • Gives time stamp and position w/ 48 MHz resolution
    • Communication via micro-USB
      • USB-to-serial interface:  FTDI FT230X
    • Self-powered via micro-USB port
    • 8 VR Sensor channels
    • MCU:  PIC32MX170F256B (QFN-44)
    • 0.100" (0.254mm) pin breakout for breadboard use


  • FILES:

    • Make sure to grab the corresponding software (free):  Click Here


    Have other questions?  Please feel free to Contact Us for additional information.

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